Maulik Shah

Boston University
Masters in Computer Science
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  • Red Hat, Inc. - Software Engineer (NA R&D Artifical Intelligence)(March 2018 - Current)

    Working on the internal deployment of the Opendatahub ( as a Data Engineer/SRE. Ongoing responsiblities include mantaining and scaling the internal Data Hub which is an analytics platform on Openshift approaching a Petabyte of data and growing. Also working on identifying, integrating, instrumenting and testing new components for OpenDatahub and then providing them as a part of the operator.

    GO , Python , Kubernetes(Openshift) , Apache Spark , Apache Kafka , Prometheus , Grafana , Elasticsearch , Kibana , Presto , Ceph , Jupyterhub
  • Venus Technology Ventures, Inc. - R&D Engineering Intern(June 2017 - Jan 2018)

    I was the Team Lead for the backend/databases intern team where I mentored a team of 6 interns. I mainly worked on the charting module which made up a huge part of my summer. I also worked on integrating MarketView and Thomson Reuters API as our data feeds and integrating the platform with the Trading Technologies API to commit trades and for reporting. I refactored the code which lead to a 56% improvement in response time and I set up 12 REST API's for various services and testing. My duties as the lead included performing code reviews, maintain version control, and backend code integration and deployment on the EC2 servers and train other interns in unfamiliar modules and good practices.

    GO , MySQL , AWS , HTML5 , JavaScript(Sencha)
  • GAI @ Boston University - Team Lead(Aug 2017- Current)

    Lead a Team of 13 Freshman and Sophomore students in building an app for Non-Profits. My role is to teach them the necessary tools of app development and mentor them through the lifecycle of the app and perform other project management duties and communicate the progress to the client and gather their feedback. I also design the technical architecture of the system and explain to the students how to conform to it.

    Java , SQLite , Ionic Framework
  • CloudFronts Technologies LLP. - Engineering Intern(Dec 2014- Jan 2015)

    Developed a module which enabled users to check-in and validate their service call via app, for a pharmaceutical client. Implemented using C# and JavaScript with Google Maps API integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform

    C# , JavaScript


  • Should I Donate (Winner @ GAI Appathon)

    Developed an Android App which would check the credibility of a Non-Profit by clicking a picture which would be reverse searched and their financial reports would be analysed to generate a rating. Used Java on Android Studio for the app, Google Image API for the reverse image search and OrgHunter API to get Non-Profit Details.

    Java , SQLite
  • Ram Disk

    Developed a rudimentary version of the Linux File System on a partion of the RAM.

  • FIFO Scheduling Algorithm

    Emulated the FIFO Scheduling Algorithm on a dummy OS with pre-empting.

  • Keyboard Driver

    Developed a basic keyboard driver with provision for special keys on a Dummy OS.

  • Lung Cancer Detection

    We used CT scan slices to generate 3D models of the lung and using their HU values we generated a model of the coherent air cavity. We then trained a C-NN to identify contiguous voxels larger than a specific size which might indicate cancer. Our results were comparable to the Top 50 teams that participated in the Kaggle Competition. We used scipy, skimage, tensorflow packages to run the experiment.

  • BU Campus Events App

    We developed an app for BU which would act as a common platform for all organizations to publish their events and for students to RSVP & Check-in to the event. Each oraganization can publish their events to the calendar with options like open-for-all or for selected majors and the respective students can see and access those events. The organizations can also issue ticekts and the students can check-in using QR codes. The backed and web-app was made using Ruby on Rails and the app was made using Java on Android Studio.

    Ruby on Rails, JAVA, PostgresSQL
  • Analysis of StackOverflow Dataset

    Analysed StackOverflow Dataset from 2015 to find similarity between users based on the type of questions they answer and their scores using various Distance metrics. Also Performed a Time Series analysis on the users to find the similarity and dissimlarity between the users based on their activity time and to make deductions from that data.

  • Smart Blender

    Built a smart blender using Arduino and Twilio API and a bunch of wood and plastic. User can text their order and the blender and the "machine" makes a smoothie for them and replies back when its ready. Lots of mess. Lots of fun!

    Arduino, JS
  • Canteen Automation System

    Built a system in .Net and a supporting Android app. During lunch hours canteens get really busy and everyone cant be served efficently. So we developed a system where the students can place an order before hand and pick up his meal when he reaches the canteen. We also improved canteen efficiency by using a Forecasting model to predict demand for various dishes during various times of the day and dynamic inventory management which would be updated approximately with each order and would predict future state of the inventory and prompt the manager to restock various items. We also offered PoS order taking and printing and sales data visualization. We also performed Market Basket analysis for each user to generate personalized offers.

    .Net, Java, Android, Microsoft SQL
  • Yelp Dataset Analysis

    Divided Las Vegas into culinary districts based on the tags and location of each restaurant using various clustering algorithms. In the Second part I realised some of the tags were wrong so I generated my own tags for each restaurant using NLP on the reviews for each restaurant.

  • Photoshare

    Created a Flickr like website with a heavy focus on database design and efficiency using SQL and Flask on Python. Features included creating account, creating albums, adding photos to albums with tags, tag reccomendation based on previous activity, commenting on photos, adding friends, liking photos, showing top10 users, updating profile, etc.

    Python, Postgres SQL
  • Modeling CO2 Emissions

    Given Countrywise CO2 emissions data combined with other statistics like HDI, GDP, Energy Concentration, etc we tried to model CO2 emissions and to predict a trend in CO2 emissions which works better than the Kaya Index.



  • Director - Leo Club of Bombay Uptown(July 2014- June 2017)

    My role was to look after the day to day activities of the club and ensure the E-board is delivering as expected and to initiate new club projects. I also had to vote on various club decisions along with other directors on matters proposed by the club president after due dilligence. I was also an active member of the club and was the project head for Mega Medical Camp and Bow Wow.

  • Multiple District Chairperson (Human Rights)- Leo Multiple 323(July 2015- June 2016)

    As a Multiple District Chairperson my role was to initiate, assign and co-ordinate Human Rights projects and outreach programs amongst 5 of the biggest states in India.

  • Co-founder and Technical Head- KJSCE Codecell (July 2014- June 2015)

    My role was to conduct programming and development workshops (git, Intro To Java, Intro to SQL, Intro to Web Dev, etc) and to write content for these workshops. My other tasks included mentoring junior students, writing problems for coding comptetions, etc.

  • Co-founder and Creative and Technical Head- KJSCE Alumni Cell (July 2014- June 2015)

    My role was to generate creative content for the various Alumni outreach programs and to design the logo and other creatives and design the layouts and flow of the various events. I was also responsible for mantaining the Alumni Database and to generate a pipeline to do that.


Just a bunch of books I have read and loved. 10/10 would recommend!

  • Kane and Abel - Jeffrey Archer (Probably the best fiction book I have ever read!)
  • The Prodigal Daughter - Jeffrey Archer
  • Shall We Tell The President - Jeffrey Archer
  • Inheritance Series (1-4) - Christopher Paolini
  • Clifton Chronicles (1-7) - Jeffrey Archer (Great Great Great series)
  • Freakonomics - Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt (A must read!)
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki
  • Cashflow Quadrant - Robert Kiyosaki
  • Harry Potter (1-7) - J.K. Rowling (All time favorites!)
  • How to Make Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie
  • House Rules - Jodi Picoult
  • MegaTech (Technology in 2050) - Daniel Franklin
  • Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less - Jeffrey Archer
  • First Among Equals - Jeffrey Archer
  • A matter of Honour - Jeffrey Archer
  • Honour Among Thieves - Jeffrey Archer
  • The Eleventh Commandment - Jeffrey Archer
  • Sons of Fortune - Jeffrey Archer
  • False Impression - Jeffrey Archer
  • Paths of Glory - Jeffrey Archer
  • Cat O'Nine Tales - Jeffrey Archer
  • To Cut a Long Story Short - Jeffrey Archer
  • A Quiver Full of Arrows - Jeffrey Archer
  • Twelve Red Herrings - Jeffrey Archer
  • Digital Fortress - Dan Brown
  • Deception Point - Dan Brown
  • Angels & Demons - Dan Brown
  • The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown
  • The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown
  • Inferno - Dan Brown
  • Origin - Dan Brown
  • The Kite Runner -Khaled Hosseini
  • Julius Caesar - William Shakespeare
  • What If? - Randall Munroe
  • Don Quixote - Miguel de Cervantes (Ongoing)